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Middle School Athletics Program Philosophy and Objectives:
Providence Academy Athletics reflect the mission of the school in its desire to instill faith, knowledge and virtue in student athletes. Our goal is to develop excellent Christian athletes who play to their potential, put forth maximum effort, seek their personal best and develop character that serves them well for life. The Providence Academy athlete and coach place academics before athletics, show respect for everyone and approach each contest as though God is the only spectator, accepting victory and defeat with equal grace. It is our belief that the experience of being an athlete at Providence Academy will enhance the character and virtue of all students at the school, and its reward will be lasting and lifelong.

  • The athletics program of Providence Academy reflects the mission of the School and is an integral part of the curriculum;
  • Providence Academy believes that interscholastic athletic is an essential portion of the education of the “whole student” and that athletic participation should provide a variety of experiences that will prepare our students for adult life, presenting lessons in sportsmanship, responsibility, teamwork, cooperation, leadership, and winning and losing with grace and dignity;
  • The athletics program help students gain self-confidence, develop discipline and responsibility in team play, improve their skills and experience the enjoyment of athletic competition.
  • Playing time per game may vary at the coach’s discretion, depending upon the player’s attendance at practice, attitude, effort, skills, and the skill level of the competition;
  • Middle School programs strives to promote individual participation and skill development while fostering a winning spirit;
  • Providence Academy is committed to the safety and physical and emotional health of its athletes;
  • Providence Academy expects athletes, coaches, parents and fans representing PA to practice good sportsmanship and behave ethically and honorably before, during, and after athletic competitions and practices;
  • Providence Academy supports coaches in their understanding of and commitment to its student-athletes.  The School will ensure that coaches have appropriate training in coaching and first aid procedures;
  • Providence Academy will strive to educate parents about its policies and expectations and encourage effective, constructive communication among parents and coaches;
  • Providence Academy complies with the rules and policies of the governing bodies of the sports in which it participates;
  • While participating in School-sponsored activities, students must observe all rules of Providence Academy;

Athletic participation is a privilege that require responsibility to the School, to the community, to the student body, to the activity, and to the student them self.

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